Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Number One.

So recently I embarked on the journey to learn Linux. In the past I have played around with distros such as Ubuntu and Fedora. I have always see the importance of knowing Linux, but the drive was never there. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine challenged me to the Arch Challenge. I was skeptical at first, but I soon accepted the fact that I really had no choice and began to work on instillation.

 I decided to use one of my old Toshiba Satellites, that proved to be a bad idea. It would seem that my journey would be wrought with issues, from screwing up the initial configuration to the hard drive catastrophically failing. Eventually I conceded to load it up in a VM (Virtual Machine). The first few tries I screwed up small things that caused me to have to start over. This did not bother me it gave me a chance to learn more about the instillation, and the configuration process.

I would have been lost at this point if it was not for the beginners instillation guide located here: Beginners guide, and for my buddy who got me started in the first place. His blog is located here:  http://masammich.wordpress.com/ .

Continuing on, so after I finally got Arch installed and configured, it was time to customize and play with my newly installed distro. I installed xfce first, what can I say, I like my GUIs. After that there were a few other things that I installed one of which is fish. Fish is very useful, it color codes your CLI for you and  you can setup your own alias' for your commands. Example: sudo pacman -S {package} I created an alias of  Install. I prefer to keep things simple less to try and remember.

Well things to look forward to in future posts, I will be starting my Arch install from scratch, this time I will screen shot and what not. In some other VMs I will branch out and grab some other distros, just to play the field. Now please bare in mind by trade I am a Microsoft guy, but as stated before I have seen the importance of Linux and why I should learn to use it. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions, be polite, thanks.

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